St Benedict Mens Large Intercession Rosary – Made in Brazil (Walnut)




  • AUTHENTIC DESIGN. The handmade rosary delivers peace and protection with the honored medal of Saint Benedict.
  • PRAYERFULLY HANDMADE. Made in Brazil by Intercession’s artisan rosary-makers with supreme quality and craftsmanship.
  • SOLID WOOD BEADS. Solid Brazilian walnut beads are highly polished for a superior feel and solidly tied onto high quality, rope-like string.
  • SACRED DETAIL. A detailed St. Benedict medal is visible on the front and back along with an exquisitely detailed crucifix.
  • BEAUTIFUL GIFT. Give the solid wood rosary as a meaningful gift to a special one in your life, at the first communion, confirmation, and other important moments.
Discover peace and grace through humble prayer with the Intercession St Benedict Sacred Handmade Solid Wood Rosary. The handmade rosary is beautifully designed and prayerfully made in Brazil by professional craftsman. Solid Brazilian walnut delivers a superior weight and smooth feel that is much more authentic than stainless steel, mass-produced rosaries and will inspire devoted prayers. Each round bead on this beautiful rosary is strung by hand onto a high-quality, rope-like string. This improves the durability of the design so that you can carry it in your pocket throughout the day, store it in your bag, or wear it around your neck as a necklace without having to worry about the rosary breaking at weak points. The handmade rosary also features artful hand-knotting to separate the decades and there’s a little room for the beads to spin and move between your fingers as you say your prayers. The honored medal of Saint Benedict is crafted with exceptional detail and laid into both the large center bead and the crucifix. Turn the rosary over in your hands to see the front and back of the medal and feel Saint Benedict’s protection and power to ward off the dangers of evil and temptation. Whether you’re looking to replace a used, worn rosary for your daily devotions or pass on religious traditions at first communion or confirmation, the Sacred Solid Wood Rosary by Intercession is the perfect choice. The simple design, richness of Brazilian walnut, and handmade details inspire to bring you closer to God with a rosary that is well-suited to meaningful prayer.


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